Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

War Room: “It All Began with a Prayer and an Act of Faith”
1940s: During A Time Of War A Church Of Hope Was Born

Go And Serve All Nations


Monday: Read John 8:12 and Matthew 5:14-16. To whom was Jesus’ ministry directed? How do you let Christ’s light shine within you? How do you hide Christ’s light within you?

Tuesday: Read Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 24:47and Acts 1:8.  In what different ways did Jesus state his “Great Commission” in these passages? How do you and your home church act upon the Great Commission? Pray that you would be obedient to God’s Great Commission.

Wednesday: Read 1 Timothy 4:1-3 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5. From these passages write summaries of how the Bible describes world conditions in the last days.

Thursday: Read Matthew 9:36-38. As Jesus looked on the needs around him what did he ask his disciples to pray? When you look at the world around you, where does your heart have compassion? Pray about that situation where you see the need for compassion.

Friday: Read John3:18. From this passage, what is humanity’s condition apart from God? Read 1 Peter 3:18. What did Jesus do to bring condemned men to God? Pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God for your faith in Jesus and the forgiveness of sins. Pray for faith in Jesus in the life of someone you know who does not have saving faith.

Saturday: Read Matthew 4:19. What is the best preparation for sharing Christ with others? Explain your answer. What might this look like in your life?

You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.


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