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Pastor Burkey delivered this week’s message from God’s Life-building Word based on John 20:30-31 (NIV).

Monday: Read John 20:25 (NIV). Like Thomas, what doubts do you have about life, faith, and God? Everybody lives by faith in something or someone. How do you keep your faith aligned with God when doubt comes?

Tuesday: Read John 20:27 (NIV). How does Jesus deal with Thomas’ doubts? How has God helped you in dealing with your own doubts? Where do you go with your doubts? How can you help someone who, like Thomas, is dealing with doubt?

Wednesday: Read John 20:28-29 (NIV). What questions do you have for God? What answers have you experienced from God to your questions? Jesus blesses us in verse 29 for believing (and then seeing). As you look to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, what leads you to believe? Why?

Thursday: Read Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV). When doubts come, don’t use them as an escape from God, but a straight path to God. Where do you need to lean into trusting God at this point in your life?

Friday: Read John 20:30-31 (NIV). All the stories John includes in his gospel account, including the three involving Thomas (John 11, John 14, and John 20), remind us that God meets us in everyday life with His presence, peace, and power. Where do you need to remember that God is present in your life? Where do you need to experience His peace? Where do you need a touch of His power? Most amazing of all, where is He leading you to bring His presence, peace, and power to someone else’s life?

Saturday: Read Ephesians 3:20 (NIV). God meets us on all the roads of life: Hope Highway, Doubt Drive, Worry Way…What name would you give to the path of life on which God has you right now? Take Paul’s affirmation of God to heart, pray the boldest prayer you can imagine for the path of life before you. Write that prayer down and see what God will do!

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