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When Fear Comes, Cry Out To Jesus


Monday: Read Mark 6:45-48. Why do you think Jesus chose to walk on the water to get to the disciples’ boat? Where do you clearly see Jesus present and at work in your life? Where would you like a clearer vision of His presence in your life?

Tuesday: Read Mark 6:48-50. How do you think you would have responded if you were one of the disciples in the boat that night? Where do you need to apply Jesus’ words, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid”?

Wednesday: Read Mark 6:49-51. When has God done something for you that was completely amazing to you? What was it? Who have you told the story? Why do you think we are so surprised by God’s presence and work in our lives?

Thursday: Read Mark 6:46. Why does Jesus pray here? What do you think He talked to God about? What lessons of prayer can you learn from Jesus and apply to your prayer life?

Friday: Read Mark 6:48-51. Where do you need to replace fear with faith and love? Here’s a simple practice for driving out fear with faith.

  • Confess your fear to God: “God, I’m afraid that…”
  • Confess God’s promises to you: “God, you have said that…”

Saturday: Read Mark 6:53-56. Where do you need Jesus’ healing touch? Bring that request to Him in prayer.

You can go DEEPER by reading this great book on Peter and Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14 and what that means for us today is, “If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat” by John Ortbe

Click here to download the full PDF of the sermon message and this week's GPS.

When Great Possibilities or Overwhelming Problems Come, Take Them To Jesus


This week's sermon focused on Mark 6:41 -- how do we look at things that happen: are they possibilities or problems?

The three big ideas to shape your perspective are anchored around the truth that "God will provide" what is needed: rest, generosity, and living for God's Kingdom

 Monday: Read Mark 6:30-31. Why is rest commanded by God? What restores your soul to have God’s outlook at work in your life? How is your rest level today?

Tuesday: Read Mark 6:32-34. What does Jesus reaction to the crowds tell you about His character? His mission? His understanding of your life today?

Wednesday: Read Mark 6:35-36. When are you susceptible to “compassion fatigue”? What is the remedy for filling up your compassion levels?

Thursday: Read Mark 6:39-44. How did the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 benefit the crowds? The disciples? You?

Friday: Read Mark 6:42-43. Why do you think Jesus provided 12 more basket fulls of food than were needed? What does that say about God’s generosity? What message is Jesus communicating in the events of these verses for life then and life today?

Saturday: Read Mark 6:41-42. How has Jesus fed you when you were spiritually hungry? How is your spiritual hunger level today? How might God satisfy that hunger in the week ahead?

When You Do Right & Tragedy Still Comes


This weeks sermon message (based on Mark 6:21) and this week's Grow Pray Study (GPS) guide is focused on praying for the persecuted church.

Monday: Read Ephesians 1:18, Ephesians 3:16-7, and Ephesians 6:19-20. Because the New Testament was written to persecuted believers, it is filled with examples of how to pray for those who are persecuted.  Here are 6 petitions from Ephesians:

  1. Please pray persecuted believers would know the hope God gives.
  2. Pray the Holy Spirit would strengthen  them.
  3. Please pray persecuted believers would know how much God loves them.
  4. Pray they would know now to share the gospel.
  5. Please pray persecuted believers would fearlessly tell others about Jesus.

Tuesday: Read Acts 4:23-31. Acts is a great story of praying for boldness. Here are some practical needs to guide your prayers for persecuted believers:

  • Pray persecuted believers would have access to a Bible.
  • Pray they have the courage to remain in their homeland.
  • Pray for believers rejected by family and friends that God surround them with a new Christian "family" who loves and supports them emotionally and physically.
  • Pray for God to be an advocate for women who are socially vulnerable or have lost the custody of their children because of their faith.
  • Pray for God to provide persecuted believers with jobs and safe places to live.

Wednesday: Read Matthew 26:39, Acts 12:5, and Philippians 1:9. Pray for the physical protections and deliverance for the persecuted church.

Thursday: Read Colossians 4:2-4. Pray for the persecuted church (and us as well) that God gives us the right words and that we all fearlessly make Christ known.

Friday: Read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. Pray for God's power in the midst of weakness, and that God's grace is experiences and proclaimed amid the attacks of the world.

Saturday: Read Luke 6:27-31. Jesus's words are challenging to love our enemies and to pray for them. Pray for those who persecute Christians and defame the cause of Christ.  Pray for God's love to flow through us to transform them.

You can GO DEEPER by checking out the following resources for Praying For The Persecuted Church:

When Jesus Provides & Sends - Share Peace

SharepeaceRead Luke 10:1-12. Verse 6 refers to a "man of peace." From the reading, describe what this "man of peace" does and does not do.  

Now consider the following questions:

  1. Is there a "man of peace" in your life?
  2. Is there someone who is willing to receive you and your message of Jesus?
  3. How are they investing in you?
  4. How are you blessing them?

If you see no "man of peace" in your life, pray for God to send you that person so that you can bless them.

When Jesus Provides & Sends - Tough Decisions Maybe Required


Read Matthew 19:16-22. The rich young man knew that he had an unsatisfied need that could only be met by Jesus, so he went to Jesus.

Now consider the following questions:

  1. What did Jesus tell the young man to do?
  2. How did the young man respond?
  3. How can abundant provisions, which are gifts from God, be twisted into a curse and trap?
  4. Which provisions in your life most easily become traps?

When Jesus Provides & Sends - Needs Are Met


Read Philippians 4:14-19. The Apostle Paul had physical needs.

For Monday's Grow Pray Study (GPS) please consider answering these four questions:

  1. To whom did Paul give ultimate credit for meeting his needs?  
  2. How does Paul describe how his needs were met?
  3. Who are the people in your life that God uses to meet your needs?
  4. How is God using you today to provide the needs of someone?

Click here to download the full PDF of the sermon message and this week's GPS.