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This week’s message from Pastor John focused on how to live an “Inside-out Life” (1 John 3:11-16) with trust in Jesus’ Love and not the “Toxic Dump” of today’s world.

Monday: Read 1 Peter 5:8. This is a powerful passage in which we see the crouching Toxic Dump waiting to overtake and fill us, but we also see God’s response. He graciously calls us to himself through Jesus. What does this passage say we need to do? How will you do that today?

Tuesday: Read 1 Peter 4:7-11. Just as God told Cain to rule over the toxic sins that tempted him, so too this passage (v. 7) guides us to rule over those things in our lives. What do you do to be “clear minded” and “self-controlled?” We also “love each other deeply” as we serve according to the gifts God has given us. Which of the gifts of God that you have received are the easiest for you to use in service?

Wednesday: Read Galatians 2:20. This is a mighty passage in which we see the beautiful renewing of our lives through Jesus. By faith we are carried to the crucifixion of Christ so that our lives are renewed and lived for Christ. How do you see Christ’s life being lived in your life?

Thursday: Read Psalm 4:4-8. We are called to be in silence, searching our hearts, offering sacrifices, and trusting in God. God calls us to daily silence before him and then through His Word (the Bible) He speaks into our lives. Pray that God gives you the desire to be still before Him every day.

Friday: Read John 15:1-4. Jesus is the Vine. God the Father is the gardener. You and I are the branches. How does this passage say that you, the branch, are made clean from the toxic dump of sin (v. 3)? As a living branch, abiding in the Vine, what is produced? Where is the fruit in your life? In what area of your life is there a scarcity of fruit? Pray for God to get busy pruning in your life so that all areas are bearing fruit.

Saturday: Read John 15:5-9. What insight does Verse 7 give to you about abiding/remaining in the Vine? According to Verse 8, what has to happen in your life so that God is glorified? What is a sign of being Jesus’ disciple? Where in your life is God being glorified? Thank God in prayer for that area of your life.


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