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This week's sermon had four main themes (you can listen here):

  1. Know the Truth: Jesus is God’s Son (Human and Divine) who died, rose again and gives us life.
  2. Know the Time: View your life from God’s eternal perspective.
  3. Know the Problem: Faith off track from God is a dangerous track to travel.
  4. Know the Power: The Holy Spirit makes truth up close and personal in relationship with Jesus Christ.

A very practical example of this is Pastor Paul Willweber's testimony on local TV channels in San Diego sharing his personal and family's grief in losing their son Ryan, and how Cory is recovering from the crash last Thursday: NBCABC, & CBS.

Monday: Read 1 John 2:18. “Anti” can mean to “be against” and/or “instead of”. Why is it important to remember that Antichrist can involve principles, practices and people? What are some “antichrist” attitudes and actions common in our culture? How does that give a last hour feel to your life? Why?

Tuesday: Read 1 John 2:19. What does John tell us about the connection between our presence in the church and perseverance in the faith? Why is church membership important? 

Wednesday: Read 1 John 2:20-21. What does John say his readers have? What do they know? How is that working in your life today?

Thursday: Read 1 John 2:22-23. To deny that Jesus is the “Christ” for John is to deny that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine. Why is John so rough on those who deny Christ? Why is such a clear understanding of who Jesus is vital to John? To you?

Friday: Read 1 John 2:24-25. How much of a priority is it for you to remain in Christ? How can you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in that connection? John affirms our connection with Jesus which leads to the promise of eternal life. What are some glimpses of eternity that you have recently seen of God at work in your life today and for eternity?

Saturday: Read 1 John 2:26-27. Describe a time you struggled to determine what the spiritual truth in a situation was. How did the Holy Spirit guide you through? Where do you need the Holy Spirit’s guidance at this point in life? Take time to pray (speak and listen) to His guidance for your life.

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