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It’s All In The Attitude

The sermon message for this week was a big attitude adjuster. We celebrated Mother's Day and learned some key things (1 John 3:1):

  • Remember who you are: a Child of God.
  • Remember who you are becoming: Reflections of God.
  • Remember what breaks up the family: Sin destroys!
  • Remember what builds the family: Jesus saves!

Monday: Read 1 John 2:28. As John writes of continuing in Jesus, he says this leads to confidence and not being ashamed. How is your confidence level in walking with Christ? What knocks you off your confidence in remembering you are a child of God? Why is it essential that the attitude of Christ be the key to building our confidence? Where do you need to grow in that attitude this week?

Tuesday: Read 1 John 3:1. In what ways are you like your mom? In what ways are you like Christ? How does the love God gives change your life each day as His child?

Wednesday: Read 1 John 2:29. John declares that because Jesus is righteous that flows through God’s children. When do you sense that God is living through you? Where do you need to pray for God to work His righteousness in your life today?

Thursday: Read 1 John 3:2. When Christ appears is a reference to His Second Coming, how does Jesus’ return give you a sense of urgency in how you live life today? 

Friday: Read 1 John 3:3-6. Although Christians can and do sin, how does knowing Christ change our relationship to sin? Where do you need to confess sin and ask God for a new beginning?

Saturday: Read 1 John 3:7-10. John often writes with dramatic contrasts. What contrasts does John draw between God’s work and the Devil’s work? Children of God and Children of the Devil? How do you see the difference at work in your life? Why is the appearance of the Son God essential to destroying the Devil’s work in this world and in your life?

 If you would like to Go Deeper this week then:

  • Take time to remember your baptism. What it means to be forgiven. What it means to be God’s child.
  • When we serve, we bring Christ’s love to others in deeds and words. How can you reflect
  • God’s love to others, with powerful mirror moments? Where can you be more intentional in reflecting Christ’s love to others this week?
  • Continue (or begin) to use Lectio Divina this week

 You can also answer these core questions:

  • Where can I make God’s love visible this week?
  • Where do I need to remind myself that I am part of Gods’ family? 
  • What sins do I need to confess and receive God’s cleansing and forgiveness?
  • Since God has planted His seed in me, what is His Holy Spirit reproducing in my life?


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