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Worldly Wise

This week as we celebrate personal Bibles given to 3rd Graders, Pastor Burkey gives us a lot to praise God for the great adventure we are on in this weeks message:

The Big Story from The Gospel Project | LifeWay on Vimeo.

Monday: Read 1 John 2:15-17. Why can there be no middle ground between our love for God and our love for the world? What forces pull you the world's way? Why? What forces pull you God's way? How?

Tuesday: Read 1 John 2:15. Why can't we love both the world and the Father? How does the Bible help clarify the issue of understanding the difference between the two? What verses in particular guide you to stand alone on the Word of God?

Wednesday: Read 1 John 2:16. John argues that the pleasures of this world are fleeting. How do you see this in today's culture? In your own life? Which of these three most clearly motivates the people you know and live near: (1) the drive to meet their physical needs, (2) the drive to get things, or (3) the drive to succeed? Which one is most tempting for you?

Thursday: Read 1 John 2:17. How does te realization that the world is passing away lessen its appeal in life? Where do find the "eternal" perspective driving your your you life?

Friday: Read 1 John 2:15-17. John places a great emphasis on knowing and doing (living out) God's will. How will you do the will of God today? How will you know that it is God's will that are doing? Have you taken time to make sure you are doing you God's will and not the world's will in living life each day?

Saturday: Read 1 John 2 How do these verses help us gain a better understanding of our spiritual battle? How has the Bible, as the "sword of the spirit" kept you well armed for the battle ahead? Where would like to grow in your wisdom from you the Bible? Why?

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Something Old, Something New

What Quadrant Are You In
This week’s sermon message from Pastor John is part of the Maximum Joy series, and it shows us the signs of God that are all around us: sacrifice, faith, life, love, and grace.

These signs help us in our pathway to engagement (see below) as we growth as dynamic disciples (with high knowledge and high obedience).

Pathway to engagement

Monday: KNOWLEDGE - Read Proverbs 4:5 and Jeremiah 9:24. What do these two passages tell us about our pursuit of knowledge? What kind of knowledge does the Jeremiah passage say we can boost of? Name all the avenues that you weekly use to gain this “boost-worthy” knowledge?

Tuesday: OBEDIENCE - Read John 7:16-19. What does this passage say is the key to grasping spiritual knowledge? What would you assess that needs to be done differently in your life to better understand Jesus’ teaching?

Wednesday: WORSHIP - Read Psalm 27:4-6. This is a beautiful passage that speaks of worshiping God. How does it describe worship? How does it describe the blessings of worship? Identify how (or if) these blessings come to you through your worship experience.

Thursday: CONNECT - Read 1 John 1:3. This short passage from 1 John gives great nuggets of insight about Christian fellowship. Name at least three insights or truths about Christian fellowship from this passage. Where does your fellowship occur?

Friday: LEARN - Read Acts 3:22-27. This passage gives us a short, but rich glimpse into the life of the early church. What role did “learning” play in the lives of the early Christians? In verse 22, what does the word “devoted” tell us about their pursuit of spiritual learning? Where does this happen in your life?

Saturday: SERVE - Read Matthew 5:14-16. Our service allows others to see the light of Jesus and it is a praise of the Father in heaven. Does this passage recommend or command acts of service? Pray that God would bless you with a heart that desires to serve.


In The Light - What Drives My Life?


You can listen to this Sunday Message series online.

Monday: Read 1 John 1:5. In what way is God similar to light? In what way are we similar to darkness? What does that mean for our relationship with God? Why is light key to John’s message to us?

Tuesday: Read 1 John 1:6-7. What does a person walking in the light still need from Jesus? What do you need from Jesus today?

Wednesday: Read 1 John 1:7. How important is fellowship with other believers to you? How does that fellowship happen in your life? What are some steps you could take to grow in this area of your life with God and others?

Thursday: Read 1 John 1:8-10. Why confess our sins? What is the result if we or if we don’t confess? How is confession of sin part of your daily life? How might this spiritual habit grow in your life?

Friday: Read 1 John 2:1-2. What difference does it make that you have an Advocate (Jesus) with the Father? What area of life do you need Jesus to intercede for you with God? Why?

Saturday: Read 1 John 1:5-2:2. How does John avoid being too lenient with sin? How does he avoid being too severe with sinners? How do you maintain such a balance in your life?

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This week's "Easter Perspective" (1 John 1:4) provides a roadmap for Maximum Joy: Faith, Fellowship, and using your Fruits. Don't forget are you going to follow Atlas or Jesus?

Monday: Read 1 John 1:1-3. In the original Greek, these 3 verses are one sentence. The subject and verb don't appear until the third verse (although some translations add it to verse one). The subject and verb are "we proclaim." What does John proclaim? What do you proclaim about Jesus? About your faith? About Christians?

Tuesday: Read 1 John 1:1. Why is it important for John to emphasize his senses (hear, see, touch) in Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection? What does that mean for us today? How do you speak of your personal faith and experience with Jesus?

Wednesday: Read 1 John 1:2 and John 17:3. How do John and Jesus speak of eternal life? How is the idea of Jesus being your eternal life different from reincarnation or other ideas of eternal life you have heard?

Thursday: Read 1 John 1:3. What comes to mind when you hear the word “fellowship”? Why? What does John emphasize with fellowship in this verse? What specific steps can you take this week to grow deeper in your fellowship with other believers? (HINT: Life Groups are a great opportunity to develop adult faith relationships!)

Friday: Read 1 John 1:3. Pray about your fellowship with God and others. How do you already reflect partnership in your thoughts and actions? How could you show it better? Talk with some other Christians about how you could put fellowship into practice. 

Saturday: Read 1 John 1:4. Why does John write this letter? In what way do you think John’s joy is complete? In what way is your joy complete?

You can go deeper by reading the book The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel and by signing up for a Life Group.