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Venture Into The Shadows With Jesus


This week’s message focused on the question - “When people look at me, what light do they see?” [See John Of The Cross for historical reference.]

Are you always in the LIGHT, or the DARKNESS?  How can you be in the SHADOWS?

Monday: Read Exodus 34:29-35. In this week’s GPS we’re looking at the characteristics of light and applying them to our walk with Jesus. Light is reflective. It reflects off of the moon, allowing us to see it. In the same way, like Moses in our reading, our life is to reflect Jesus’ mercy and love. Can people see the reflection of Jesus in you? If they can, how?

Tuesday: Read 1 Corinthians 15:58. Light is active, always moving. Light travels at the incredible speed of 186,000 miles per second. Today’s reading prods us to always give ourselves 100% to the work that the Lord lays before us. There’s no room for half-hearted, mediocre efforts. The reason we can fully throw ourselves into the Lord’s work is because we have the promise that our labor is never in vain. God is always at work in and through us. What is the work that the Lord has laid before you today/this week?

Wednesday: Read Psalm 119:105, and Psalm 119:130. Light is revealing. God’s Word is a lamp that reveals who we are, what we are like, and what is before us. God’s Word is that lamp that gives us understanding of what is otherwise hidden in darkness. Pray that God’s Word would open your eyes to God’s truth and reveal to you the “shadows” that God would have you venture into.

Thursday: Read Philippians 2:14-16. Light is a guide. Pilots rely in part on the runway lights to safely land their planes. A pilot breathes a sigh of relief when out of the darkness of night he finally sees the runways lights, guiding him to a safe landing. God calls us to lead a life that stands in stark contrast to the world. Our lives are to be beacons of light guiding people to a safe landing in Jesus. In this passage how does the author exhort us to live so that our lives serve as a beacon? How does your life do this?

Friday: Read John 12:35-36. By the grace of God we place our trust in Jesus and we have the privilege of being “sons of light.” While we are born into this world as “sons of darkness,” through our rebirth in Christ, we become “sons of light.” How did God’s grace and rebirth come into your life? Pray a prayer of thanksgiving, praising God for your rebirth.

Saturday: Read John 8:12. In the Old Testament (Psalm 119:105) we see that God used his Word to bring his light to people. With the birth of Jesus, God brings his light to us and the world and with that light, we have life. How do worship services, Life Groups, and/or Bible classes help you see the light of God? What are obstacles that get in your way to better seeing God’s light in these settings?


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