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Setting Personal Goals By Faith
From Stressed to Blessed - Psalm 23 Is All About Life.

Spiritual Health - How To Get Closer To God


Monday: Read Romans 12:1-2. Nothing will change until you are fed up with your life -- dissatisfied and hungry for a different life. What is something in your life that you are fed up with? Has God been knocking on your door trying to get your attention about something?

Tuesday: Read Isaiah 59:12 and Luke 15:17-18. Reflect on the many things that separate us from God. Then notice in Luke 15:17-18 how the lost son's life was unmanageable until he recognized the sings that separated him from God. Why do sins make our lives unmanageable? What are you trying to manage in your life that you should turn over to God?

Wednesday: Read Luke 15:12 and Luke 15:19. Why the change in this man's view of his father and his own life? After getting fed up with your life and owning up to your sins, you must offer yourself up to God with a plea to change me!" so you become God-centered instead of self-centered. What are examples of self-centered living that needs change?

Thursday: Read Luke 15:20. God loves us unconditionally and is always waiting for us to come to him, like the loving father in Luke 15:20. Knowing this, what makes us hold back from getting closer to God?

Friday: Read 2 Corinthians 5:17. Having nothing left and no other option often makes us draw closer to God. On the other hand, when we have enough of everything, we often drift apart from God. What do you think is the reason for this? What "old" in your life has gone, what "new" is God bringing?

Saturday: Read Psalm 13:6 and Luke 15:22-24. Why do you think singing is such an important way of lifting up our praise to God? Why would God care about it? Why is food so often a part of celebration? How have you found ways to lift up your praise to God?

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