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From Stressed to Blessed - Psalm 23 Is All About Life.

This week's sermon message was on Psalm 23.  We are moving in our Transformation series from Spirtual to Health.  This week's GPS should be helpful in transforming your health.

Monday: Read Matthew 13:3-9, and Matthew 13:22. Not only can the worries of life physically affect us for the worse, but they also negatively impact our spiritual life. This parable shows us that worries of life quench and even destroy our faith. What are your worries of life? How are they affecting you physically and spiritually? How can you better feed your faith so that you can better know God’s provision?

Tuesday: Read Galatians 4:8-9, and Galatians 5:1. The Galatians found themselves pulled away from the grace of God and freedom in Christ by the business and distractions of life and false teaching. Distractions moved their focus away from Jesus and onto their own actions. Paul’s correction for this was to point them to the grace that is only found in Jesus. How are distractions tempting you to turn your focus away from Jesus? How can worship help you avoid these temptations?

Wednesday: Read John 14:6-7. Life is constantly “draining our bucket.” That’s just what life does. Yet, as we turn to the Bible our souls are refreshed and we find life. The reason for this is that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Pray that God would give you a hunger for His Word and that through this Word he refreshes your life.

Thursday: Read Isaiah 43:1-3. All of us experience valleys of darkness and they can fill us with fear and trepidation. In the Book of Isaiah the people of God were experiencing this fear. In Verses 2 and 3 what did God announce to them to help them through this darkness? What images did He use to help them “see” His help? How do these images speak to you and help you to realize His constant help?

Friday: Read Psalm 18:1-3. Have you ever found yourself where it seemed like you are surrounded by enemies, surrounded by people who seemed bent on bringing you down? Or, have you ever been in a situation where it seemed as if there was no way to “win” and thrive? What are the declaration of who God is in Verses 1-3 that can help you through these unsettling times? Go to God in prayer and call on Him who is worthy of praise.

Saturday: Read Psalm 23:6. One of the greatest comforts in Scripture is that God pursues us. His goodness and love are always following us wanting to overtake us and cover us. Even during those times of life where it seems like we are running away from God, He’s pursuing us. How do you see this wonderful God pursuing you? Is there anything you now have to do in response to His loving pursuit?



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