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Wild Goose Chase - Being Led by the Holy Spirit

Navigating Through The End Of Time

This week in THE STORY we examine Chapter 31 entitled “The End of Time.”


How has THE STORY impacted you, your family, and your small group? Share your story with us:

Monday: Read Revelation 1:1. If you knew that the end of the world was coming tomorrow, what is the one thing you would be sure to do today? Why?

Tuesday: Read Revelation 1:1-3. According to these verses, why did God give this revelation? What responses does He want its hearers to make? How is one blessed in reading this book? How have you been blessed as you have been reading THE STORY?

Wednesday: Read Revelation 1:7. In this verse John quotes two Old Testament passages that Jesus quoted when talking about His second coming. What does this tell us about this one theme in Revelation? How does this fit with the overall message of THE STORY?

Thursday: Read Revelation 21:1-5. God’s promise to return and reign is one that gives us hope for the future, but it can’t only be hope for the future. If this promise is true, does it change the way you live day to day? How does hope for the future impact your life in the present?

Friday: Read Revelation 21:24-26. Why is light such a prominent symbol of God in the Bible? What does John’s use of the word light imply in these verses? What difference does that make in our world? In your life today?

Saturday: Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17. As you reflect about your journey through THE STORY, what are some of the key lessons you have learned along the way? How will God’s Story continue to impact your life today and in the days ahead until Jesus returns? What is the next step after THE STORY for you?

The Bible passages in Chapter 31 of THE STORY are excerpts from Revelation 1-5, and 19-22.


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