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God Reveals Himself To The Magi


Monday: Read Matthew 2:9-10 and Psalm 16:11. As God revealed Himself to the Magi He was also working in their hearts. We can see this by the joy they experienced as they came before Jesus. Have you experienced joy as you came before Jesus? Pray that God would work in the journey of your life filling your heart with overwhelming joy.

Tuesday: Read Matthew 2:11 and Psalm 27:4. As God continued to reveal himself to the Magi He transformed their hearts. We can see this in how they entered Jesus’ house and bowed down and worshiped Him. As we encounter Jesus, coming into God’s presence He creates within us the desire to worship Him. What does it mean to you to worship Jesus? Where do you experience the presence of God?

Wednesday: Read Matthew 2:11. As the Magi’s journey continued God filled their hearts with gratitude. We see this as they give gifts to Baby Jesus. We do not give gifts to Jesus to impress him or to assure His goodness to us. Rather, our gifts to Jesus are an expression of our gratitude for his gifts to us. Our generosity begins with the giving of ourselves to Jesus. What is one way that you can “give yourself to Jesus” this week?

Thursday: Read Philippians 4:8. The journey of our life is never simple. It’s always filled with dead-end roads, forks in the road where we need to make a choice, and of course park benches that invite us to stop the journey and just sit it out. Successful journeys require God to work in our hearts, focusing our thoughts on that which is good. What are distractions in your life? How can you keep your journey focused on things that are worthy of praise?

Friday: Read Luke 2:10-11. When we receive good news of great joy it is impossible to keep it to ourselves. As we share God’s joy in the birth of Jesus our natural reaction is to share it and watch it multiply. Who are some of the people in your life who share God’s joy with you? Who is someone with whom you can share God’s joy?

Saturday: Read Revelation 3:20. Standing at the door implies acting and waiting and every journey involves a rhythm of seeking and waiting. This rhythm is ours to embrace and live into. This rhythm gives shape to our journey. How do you respond to times of seeking and to those times of waiting? How have you seen God work in your life through seeking and waiting?


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