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Special Video - Andy Stanley "Not In Vain"

This week's message was from this video by Andy Stanley entitled "Not In Vain."

After watching the full video, here are some questions to think about this week.

Day 1: What do you think of Andy's key point? Is there a way to share that key point with someone today?

Day 2: Was there some point or piece of information that you reacted to with - "I've never thought about that before in that way?"

Day 3: What part of the message really challenged you?  Is there something you might be able to do today to overcome that challenge?

Day 4:  Was there a part of the message that made you think - "I really wish I could talk to Andy about XYZ.  I think I understand what he is saying but I'm still a little confused."  Since you probably can't talk to Andy, is this a good topic to discuss with your Life Group?

Day 5: Andy's message was built around 1 Corinthians 15:58.  As you re-read the verse what stands out to you?

Day 6: Where do you think in today's modern world the Cross of the Church will be displayed in the same way the Cross of the Church is being displayed at the Roman Colosseum?

Andy Stanley's North Point Community Church is based near Atlanta, GA.


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