Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

2000s: Developing Deep Faith Relationships
2020s: Look To The Great Work Of The Future

2010s: Building A Faith That Will Weather The Inevitable Storms Of Life


Monday: Read Psalm 46:1. When everything shakes in life, God remains unshaken. What in your life is “shaking”? Where do you need to seek God’s “ever-present help in trouble”? Spend time in prayer giving God what is shaking in your life, and receiving from God His present help.

Tuesday: Read Psalm 46:2-3. Notice how the psalmist starts with “Therefore we will not fear”. Why is it important to first look at God before you look at your fear? As you consider what fears you might face in life, how can you turn them over to God in prayer?

Wednesday: Read Psalm 46:4-5. The psalmist’s description of a river in Jerusalem is an abundant gift of water in a city with major water issues at the time. The picture painted is God’s abundant and generous provision. Reflecting on God’s abundant provision in your life, take time to give Him specific thanks for what He has given in your life.

Thursday: Read Psalm 46:6-7. The psalmist looks at the world scene in verse 6. Feel free to list the major world and national issues we are facing today and give them to God in prayer. Even more so, spend time thinking how the Lord Almighty is with you. Think of a reminder to use throughout the day to remember God is with you, that He is your fortress. As you look at your life yesterday, how did you sense God’s presence?

Friday: Read Psalm 46:8-9. Dallas Willard used to say, “I’ve found God’s address. It is at the end of my rope.” The psalmist is facing shaky times that leave him feeling at the end of his rope. To keep his eyes on His unshakeable God, he lists God’s mighty acts that demonstrate God’s power. As you look at the world today, where do you need to remember God’s mighty acts? Where do you need to remember God is greater than any earthly power?

Saturday: Read Psalm 46:10-11. “Be still, and know that I am God”. Be still might be better translated as “Cease striving”, literally “let go of your grip”. What is shaking in your life that you need to let go of? One way the psalmist has suggested how to do that throughout the psalm is using the word Selah. No one is totally certain about what the word means. My favorite suggestion comes from the Amplified Version of the Bible which explains Selah as “pause, and calmly think of that”. As you look at today’s verses and your life with God, set aside some time to pause and think about our great God, Who remains unshaken.

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