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This week’s sermon message from Pastor John is part of the Maximum Joy series, and it shows us the signs of God that are all around us: sacrifice, faith, life, love, and grace.

These signs help us in our pathway to engagement (see below) as we growth as dynamic disciples (with high knowledge and high obedience).

Pathway to engagement

Monday: KNOWLEDGE - Read Proverbs 4:5 and Jeremiah 9:24. What do these two passages tell us about our pursuit of knowledge? What kind of knowledge does the Jeremiah passage say we can boost of? Name all the avenues that you weekly use to gain this “boost-worthy” knowledge?

Tuesday: OBEDIENCE - Read John 7:16-19. What does this passage say is the key to grasping spiritual knowledge? What would you assess that needs to be done differently in your life to better understand Jesus’ teaching?

Wednesday: WORSHIP - Read Psalm 27:4-6. This is a beautiful passage that speaks of worshiping God. How does it describe worship? How does it describe the blessings of worship? Identify how (or if) these blessings come to you through your worship experience.

Thursday: CONNECT - Read 1 John 1:3. This short passage from 1 John gives great nuggets of insight about Christian fellowship. Name at least three insights or truths about Christian fellowship from this passage. Where does your fellowship occur?

Friday: LEARN - Read Acts 3:22-27. This passage gives us a short, but rich glimpse into the life of the early church. What role did “learning” play in the lives of the early Christians? In verse 22, what does the word “devoted” tell us about their pursuit of spiritual learning? Where does this happen in your life?

Saturday: SERVE - Read Matthew 5:14-16. Our service allows others to see the light of Jesus and it is a praise of the Father in heaven. Does this passage recommend or command acts of service? Pray that God would bless you with a heart that desires to serve.



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